Vincent is pleased to announce the arrival of his 2019 filly, see her on his page.

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Our goal here at Jumper's Sport Horses is to produce a sane, sound, sturdy, well-rounded athlete that any rider can enjoy. 

 Our location in Emmett, Idaho on the side of Squaw Butte, with it's hilly, rocky terrain provides a natural environment to help build strong bodies and encourage sure-footedness. Whether your goal is to compete in the dressage, eventing or jumper arenas, continue your riding education, or ride for pleasure, we're here to help you find your perfect mount. 

       For those wishing to buy, we offer our home-bred horses for sale. Our young horses are raised in large pastures with appropriate companions. This gives them plenty of space to run , play and learn to handle their developing bodies and minds naturally.

When the time comes, each horse has it's training program individually tailored to it's own stage of physical and mental maturity, be it working in hand, on the longe or under saddle. 

      For those  that want to breed their own mare  for the joy of seeing a foal they raised blossom into the horse of their dreams, we offer the stud services of 2 stallions: Vincent, KWPN pinto Dutch Harness Horse, and JS Great Spot, leopard double registered AWS & ApHC.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your perfect partner! 

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 We love to talk horses with our customers, and the horses love visitors, so feel free to visit during normal business hours, or call to make an appointment outside those hours. 

Jumper's Sport Horses

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