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Lise & George with JAS Rockin Robin

 Lise' grew up with all sorts of animals. The family had a dog  when she was a baby and as she grew up she began keeping her own pets dogs , cats and eventually chanpion cavies. Visits to her grandparents included riding their horses in the high desert of Arizona.  She started with the family pets, then graduated to raising show cavies, earning a few national championships with exotic breeds in her high school years. It was with her grandparents that her love of horses took hold, riding their horses through the desert in Arizona. When her father left the Navy and settled in California in her junior high years, she convinced her parents to give her riding and jumping lessons and eventually to buy her and her sister a horse. College came along and the horses had to go on hold while she earned first her bachelors degree, then her animal health technicians license (AHT) and finally a teaching certificate in mathematics, which allowed summers off to pursue horsey endeavors. While working on her AHT license, she bought her first horse, a Thoroughbred off the track to retrain for pleasure riding and jumping, then another,  which led to the Appaloosa mare that was the foundation of Jumper's Appaloosa Sport Horses. Over her 20+ years she trained the farm's Appaloosa stallion, JAS Rockin Robin, to a Reserve World Champion dressage suitability stallion title as a 3 year old, to numerous wins around the northwest in rated dressage shows and to 3 qualifications and 1 trip to the Region 6 Dressage Championships. She handled the stallions for servicing mares and started many of their young horses on the path to championships with their owners in dressage, jumping and eventing. In  2013 the farm acquired the KWPN registered Pinto Dutch Harness Horse stallion Vincent then early in 2014 Robin passed. Theses 2 events led to the decision to take the farm into the larger sport horse market, making Lise'  the head trainer for their renamed farm Jumper's Sport Horses.